We build active lifestyle brands.


What's an active lifestyle brand?

What do we consider classifies and active lifestyle brand? An active lifestyle brand offers more than just a product or service. Your brand empathizes with your audience and it believes what's offered can honestly enhance, simplify, or bring joy to the customer's life.

Active lifestyle brands are interested in enhancing an audience's well-being, health, and vitality. Your beliefs run so deep that they permeate your own brands culture. You encourage your employees and staff in the same way you support your customers. You support and promote a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle for your customer.

As an active lifestyle brand, you have unique challenges and struggles. In order to be successful in this space you must have a deep purpose at your core. There must be shared values that your audience can connect with emotionally. We can help you find that purpose and communicate it through storytelling.


Meet the Team

We are creatives and strategists, designers and developers, but most importantly as an agency, we are storytellers. Yea, we know that's the hot word in marketing right now. We're not saying everything we do or create is a story, but visual storytelling content is our specialty. We love helping purpose-driven brands, and we're all in this together for a common purpose ourselves.


Curtis Smith

Video Production

Lindsey Baker

Lindsey Baker



Kevin Balzer

Creative Director


Zachary Leighton

Principal Creative

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Merisa Moy

Brand Strategy & Messaging


Sarah Van Winkle

Brand Strategist & Designer

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Moe Loubani

Lead Developer


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What We Do

We tell stories that promote purpose and drive engagement.

Great stories affect people at an emotional level. We are hard-wired to communicate through story. It is scientifically proven that stories have the power to plant ideas in a listeners mind.

We believe great brands are built around a core purpose. Consumers connect with brands with a compelling purpose, they connect with brands that share similar values.

Brands that use storytelling to communicate their purpose will engage with audiences emotionally and build brand loyalty. Tell great stories consistently enough and your audience just might advocate on your behalf.