Oak Ridge High School

The Project

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The mascot for the Oak Ridge High School athletic department is the Trojan, and for years they have used the USC Trojan identity as their own. Oak Ridge High School has always had a successful athletic department, and they wanted an identity that not only supported that success, but a brand identity that was their own. They came to Tiger Creative to help in that process and we set out to build an identity that would inspire Oak Ridge athletics to aspire to an athletic level greater than high school sports. Our goal was to launch a brand that gave Oak Ridge athletics a Division 1 college perception and feel. Today, when you walk into an Oak Ridge High School stadium or arena you'll get an experience you won't find at many Division 1 athletic programs.

Brand Development
Logo Design, Custom Font
Concept, Production, Execution
Large Format Print Collateral

Visual Identity


The goal was to create a brand identity that would excite Oak Ridge athletes, students, and fans alike. We wanted to create an atmosphere with this project that gave the audience a Division 1 college program feel, rather than a high school. The athletic department put together an after school rally to announce the new visual identity and the fire department had to turn people away. It was one of the most successful after school rallies in school history. The success of the launch rally was featured in two separate newspapers in the city. When 5000 people show up for an event, in a city of 35,000, you know you've done something right.


When you walk into a Division 1 stadium or arena, one of the first things you'll notice is that the athletes are plastered all over via large format print or some other similar print medium. This gets fans excited and gives the audience the perception that the athletes are larger than life. Our goal was to create that same atmosphere throughout the Oak Ridge campus through the use of large format print. We chose to photograph the athletes on a clean and simple black backdrop so that nothing distracted from the athletes. This also gave the athletes depicted in these images an intimidating feel. 

One of the challenges with this photo shoot was that we couldn't show the athletes faces. There were multiple reasons behind that rule, but it presented us with a difficult shoot. We solved the solution by lighting and posing the athletes in very specific ways, and often times using props like glasses or visors to cover the athletes faces. The end results were a huge success and the large format prints now cover the Oak Ridge stadium and arena. When you walk on the Oak Ridge High School campus, you now feel like you're walking on a Division 1 college campus.