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Our founder and principal creative is an avid triathlete. It's his favorite hobby, and if you ask him about his favorite hobby, be ready to listen to him talk your ear off about his love for the sport. So, needless to say, Tri California is a dream client. We put together this concept site build to show Tri California our design and photography capabilities. We also updated the visual brand identity. As a concept piece we didn't do any market research into their current audience to find what designs would suit their audience best. Our design decisions were made strictly on visual appeal and aesthetic. Our goal was to create a visually stunning site design, balanced with a functional user experience. Triathlon is a lifestyle for most participants. Race day is simply the result of many hours of training and working to achieve a healthy lifestyle. We chose photography that highlighted the athlete's journey to race day, rather than photography hat highlighted the actual race day. We felt this would speak to the Tri California audience more affectively.

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We believe that great photography is a crucial part of creating a great website. Photography has the power to tell a story quicker than any other medium, when done right. Triathlon is a lifestyle choice for most participants. It's a fun way to be competitive with yourself and stay healthy. The story we want to tell with this concept project is that race day success is simply a byproduct of all the training done leading up to that race. So, we created imagery that told that training story. Since a majority of the Tri California audience experiences this side of triathlon every day, we felt it would be the best way to communicate to that audience.

Visual Identity


To make this concept design complete we wanted to build a new visual identity, complete with a new mark, typography, and color palette. We built a filler visual identity so that the website design had some visual guidelines to go by. Triathlon is made up of three sports, swimming, biking, and running. The "3S" mark communicates those three sports. The font we chose for the mark is similar to Tri California's current mark. We wanted to stay true to the legacy Tri California has built up over the years. The color palette we chose for this design was both inspired by Tri California's current blue color palette, but we added the oranges and pinks because we felt those bright, fun colors communicated "California" well.